1. Offset Drive (OSD)

    This is The Hain Companys Offset Drive (OSD) shown in a twin turbo Nova.

  2. Aluminum Valve Covers (AVC)

    Hain Racings billet aluminum valve covers are a leak free design.

  3. Hain Engineering Services

    If there is a part that you need The Hain Company offers engineering services to provide for your needs.


Welcome to Hain Racing’s website! Here you will find information about the Hain Company and its line of innovative products that can help streamline your race car or street car.


The Hain Company’s Offset drive is a very user friendly drive with the racer in mind. When the Hain Company began the production of the Offset drive the application that it was used in was well thought of. In tight places the offset drive is capable of being infinitely indexable making the mounting a whole lot easier.