About Hain Racing

Hain Company owner, Leonard Hain, has been an avid drag racer for many years and is now striving to top 200 mph in a front engine nostalgia dragster, blown on alcohol! Racing has been an outlet for Leonard during the development of the Hain Company. He has owned 5 dragsters throughout his racing career including one that he built from scratch! Leonard enjoys mentoring his son Matt who has become interested in drag racing over the years of watching his Dad top speeds of 191 mph!! Leonard's wife, Margie, and his son, Matt, have been very supportive of his hobby and they enjoy attending the races to experience the excitement! Hope to see you all at the track soon!!

Upcomming Races

Saturday, April 25th at Sacramento Raceway

Friday the 15th, Saturday the 16th, Sunday the 17th of May at Sacramento Raceway

Saturday, June 27th at Sacramento Raceway

Saturday, July 11th at Sacramento Raceway

Saturday, August 15th at Sacramento Raceway

Saturday, September 19th at Sacramento Raceway

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